From Clutter To Cleanliness:

The Renewal Of A Mind - A Success Story

will guide you into the subject matter of self-healing, learning how to identify your intuition, self-empowerment, uncovering some of the most effective affirmation techniques, and many other methods the author has adopted into his life since arriving to earth.

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First published by True Ju Enterprises 2022

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A Change Of Pace

Day to day living can seem monotonous until you begin implementing a strategy that fuels you with the motivation to confront life in a new and exciting way.

The Spark That Won’t Be Denied

You are the spark that will change your outcome once you fully embrace your destiny. You are the only one that can fulfill your purpose.

You’ve Got To Elevate

The time comes in everyone’s life when we are forced to take full accountability for where we are in our journey. When this momentous realization occurs, we usually make the mental distinction that there are others who have experienced a similar reality. It’s like running a marathon during a certain leg of the race where you’re all alone, to finally turn a corner and realize you are among the rest of the runners who you began the race with. The decisions you implement in order to reach the finish line depend on how determined you are to make it across.

Becoming The Master Of Your Destiny

Learn how to align your will on earth, with the Divine Will of the Most High in Heaven. You will become victorious when you accept that there are no losses in life, only lessons. Your unique experience on this planet is your opportunity to share your life with others in a meaningful and insightful way. Be the change you want to see in the world, and motivate others by living your truth.


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