From Clutter To Cleanliness: The Renewal Of A Mind

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A Lifetime Of Devotion Towards The Spiritually Weak In Need Of A Loving  Shoulder To Lean On Spiritual Ambassador, Spiritual Counselor, Author, Motivational Speaker, Self-help Practitioner, Self-development Coach, Healer, Music Therapy Physician, Life Coach, and Survivor. 

True Ju has expanded into all of the vocations mentioned above, and then some. He has worked hard in humility his entire life, striving to be the best person he can be at all times, despite the cards he was dealt. For over two decades, he has used his voice and gifts of healing to inspire and motivate people from all over the world to be their best selves. 

As a direct result of his connection to the Divine since birth, True Ju has been blessed with the guidance to navigate through the toxicity and heartache he experienced in his early childhood and teenage years. He is now in a position to assist others in navigating through their own Dark Night Of The Soul to find peace, balance, and harmony within. 

True Ju is the self-published author of the 2022 international bestseller From Clutter To Cleanliness: The Renewal Of A Mind – A Success Story, as well as the founder and owner of one of the most successful audio and video distribution platforms in the world, catering to independent recording artists globally. 

Here to make an effectual change on this planet, True Ju travels where others will not, helping and assisting those who are often disregarded, sharing the light of love and joy with whomever he meets. 

True Ju is a Spiritual counselor and mentor, seeking to help others identify the Light, Love, and Gratitude they carry within themselves. 

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