My Godfather

by True Ju

My Godfather, a man by the name of Goodie Goudeau told me: “If you don’t move in the Light, you’re gonna fumble in the dark.” He told me this right before he passed on.

– True Ju

I was always one of those types of young guys who believed in love.

You know, no matter how much we might not want to admit it, all of us guys want a good woman whom we can grow in life with. A woman that we can cherish and hold during those cold nights. A woman that will be with us thru thick and thin, that won’t give us a reason to think or even assume she’s been disloyal.

We love to hang with the guys, we love to hit the clubs, and we love to flex and showcase the spoils of our hard work. We won’t give our lifestyle up for anything or anyone. But you know what? Ladies, here’s a little secret:

Most of us guys tell ourselves that we would be willing to throw it all away…we will literally and truly throw it all away when we find “the One”. See, we won’t throw it all away for anything or anyone, BUT the One…and that’s why we get scared to leave our lifestyle behind once we think we’ve found her. You see, the majority of men are influenced by what we see other men do. We have a habit of making another man’s failure our own, we have the habit of making another man’s victory our own. We have a habit of living vicariously through our heroes. We have a habit of looking at ourselves in the mirror but seeing our greatest influences in the reflection!

Well, let me tell you something. It’s time to grow up. It’s time to realize that manhood isn’t a destination; it’s a journey. It’s your job to carve out the experience along your journey that makes you the legend; the experience that makes you the hero you look at when you stare into the mirror.

Along this journey into manhood, there will be many obstacles, there will be many failures and there will be many trials. The one thing that you will learn, whether you learn it now or whether you learn it later is that:

You won’t find a good woman, you are led to her.

Until then, know you deserve her but work on yourself because you will need to be everything she will need from a man if you expect to grow with her. When she leaves her family to be with you, you will have to fill every role that her family held in her life before she met you…and you will enjoy it because she is a good woman and you will want her to be genuinely happy.

– True Ju

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